From Source to Sea

826On Saturday afternoon a small but very self selecting crew set off from the boathouse to row up to Whitchurch, collect the source to sea bottle and row it down to Caversham lock at Reading. Nicola and Robert started the relay. Simples, you would have thought…



All went well till we arrived at Whitchurch and found no bottle, no crew to hand it over. Mysteriously a crew had apparently set off at 11.30 from Goring but  not arrived in Pangbourne. 840


After waiting while Robert and Nicola rowed in circles for a while,828 we sadly headed back slowly back to the club only to get a call from the very helpful lock keeper to say it had arrived back in Whitchurch.


Take 2. So we went all the way back to Whitchurch to get the bottle (much to the bemusement of Pangbourne as the GGBC launch went up and down the river a few times with no apparent reason and then finally  set off with plenty of supplies (jelly babies)








and (now an hour and a half late) rowed like crazy in 27 degree heat down to Mapledurham, 852through the lock and on to Reading Rowing Club where we stopped again to change crew.

Sculling lightly out of the lock…










Arrived at Caversham lock to hand over the bottle to a lovely lady IMG_1342who asked what she should do with it. Not sure if she was a rower…. We hope it got to the right crew.





843Captains  Robert, Pam and Sally doing much of the driving…. Excellent opportunity for all of us to learn how to steer the launch plus learn how to undock, dock, redock,undock again, turn in very small circles in very small spaces while remembering to pick up crew who had got out, run to 831lockkeeper and check what’s happening, jump back in,IMG_1330 jump out to take a picture855 (forgot again), jump into a small scull from an even smaller bank, tie various knots (trying not to let either the scull or launch float away),918 take pictures of houses we’d like to live in with plans to do up their boathouses…..Actually could probably live in some of their boathouses…

One selfie and a few icecreams later and we were off at a leisurely pace back to the club.














Relaxing in the launch and eating jelly babies. Make note next time – take a picnic….


Where we rowed:

More news on this relay at :


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Small boats Tuesdays

This week we start sculling in singles and doubles on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.   There will be no session manager or cox so please be prepared to get the boat out on your own!  To see who might be turning up, contact Simone at

Single                    Double


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2015 Goring and Streatley Regatta Winners

Men’s coxed 4 Beginner The Goring Gap News Challenge Cup Merrily Merrily
Men’s coxed 4 Intermediate The Davis Tate Challenge cup Strawberry Blondes
Men’s coxed 4 Experienced The Swan at Streatley Challenge Cup Do Oar Die
Women’s coxed 4 Beginner The Davis Davies Memorial Cup Social Loafers
Women’s coxed 4 Intermediate B The Nike Group Trophy 4 Pieces of 8
Women’s coxed 4 Intermediate A The Catherine Wheel Cup Glory
Women’s coxed 4 Experienced The Susa Martos Memorial Trophy Falcon Rowing Club
Mixed coxed 4 The Hankinson Duckett Assosiation Trophy Jolly Blackwell
Mens Single Sculls The Denys Hutchings Trophy Kier Prior-Williams
Womens Single Sculls The Goring Gap Boat Club President’s Cup Winnie Swann
Junior Single Sculls The Kingfisher Trophy Joe Anidjah
The Childrens Dongola Challenge The Piers Ashworth Memorial Cup Haggbourne
Dongolas The Streatley Challenge Cup Surface Tension
The Streatley v. Goring Challenge The Goring and Streatley Village Cup Streatley
The Captains’ Grudge Match A Flagon of Rum Captain Kidd
8’s invitation – Women The Wallingford Rowing Club Challenge Plate Falcon Rowing Club
4’s invitation – Mixed The Richard Bishop Memorial Trophy Hillingdon Rowing Club
4’s invitation – Men The Arthur Salter Memorial Trophy Phyllis Court Rowing Club
Consolations Plate The Thamesbank Challenge Plate Totally Oarsome
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Ready to go!

sunThe Regatta site is set up, the stall holders are arriving, Goring Unplugs stage is ready, the beer is cooling, the river is nicely full of water, the boats are rigged, and a black pirate sail is looming over the horizon. And best bit….. Saturday will be sunny! Our volunteers will be dried out and ready to greet you all for a great fun day – bring the family and enjoy!

2015-07-24 18.03.31

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Regatta Draw

The Regatta_draw is available (sorry the header says 2012!).  Site setup is going to schedule. Craft tent, beet tent and arena are set up – we even have the boats all ready!

Raising the flag

Raising the flag

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